After-School Program


iKids U After-School

iKids U is an on-site, customizable, after-school program! Following the school day, students have the opportunity to participate in an optional Enrichment program, One on One instruction, or they can take part in our daily Stay & Play program! In addition to the activities, students may also enjoy snack-time, recreation and homework assistance.

iKids U offers a variety of flexible after-school arrangements. Conveniently located on-site at the school, iKids provides several program options tailored to fit the needs and interests of all of our students and families! We offer part-time to full-time options up to five days a week with different activity choices for every day of the school week.


iKids is a leading provider of enrichment for children! Students have the opportunity to select a daily elective based on interests for an enjoyable and enriching experience, such as Art, Computer, Cooking, Robotics, Spanish, Sports and more! Please see activity descriptions for a complete list of electives, there is something for every child!

  • Art:

    “Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse. From Renaissance to Pop Art, da Vinci to Rothko, the iKids U Art class explores the diverse world of art and art history through the use of various techniques and media. Teaching the basic elements and principals of art, we foster creativity while emphasizing the idea that there are no mistakes in art. Students enjoy lessons in surrealism, perspective, parody art, clay sculpture, painting, cartooning, recycle art, and more!

  • Brain Games:

    The mind has no limits in this class! Students are faced with fun and stimulating challenges as they are presented with classical games. Chess, math games, brainteasers, science and engineering-based projects are all part of the curriculum, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills while nurturing the inquisitive mind and fostering positive competition among friends!

  • Chess:

    chessFrom the basic skills and rules of chess to advanced theory, this fun chess class encompasses the history and cultural heritage of this classical and complex game. A variety of strategy, pawn structure, piece-value system, and chess vocabulary are introduced and practiced to improve cognitive skills in concentration, memory, and problem-solving.

  • Computer:

    Keyboarding, word processing, desktop publishing skills and more are explored in this computer-skill class. With exciting theme-based projects, basic to advanced curriculum designed for each age group allows for this all-inclusive course to cater to each student’s skill level. In addition to learning Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, this class explores digital art and media techniques with the introduction of Adobe Photoshop, Scratch,and Windows MovieMaker to create photo transformation, animation, web-design, and short film projects.

  • Cooking:

    cooking-kidsA HOW TO course on having fun in the kitchen! Students will learn basic culinary techniques, kitchen safety, and nutrition in this hands-on class. These young chefs will not only learn the difference between a tsp and a T and other proper cooking terminology, but they will gain firsthand experience in the kitchen as they mix, simmer, and more, to create a variety of delicious recipes.

  • Creative Writing:

    Let your imagination run wild. The basic building blocks of creative writing are introduced through the creation of the students’ original pieces, poems, short stories, plays, sports writing and more. Each week students will be encouraged to share their work with their classmates to encourage creativity, teamwork, and improve presentation skills.

  • Dance:

    Let’s dance! This dance variety class is an introduction to creative movement, ballet, hip hop, and more! Students will learn the basic positions, routines, correct posture, stage presence, and stretching exercises in a creative environment. Using all genres of music, students will help create and learn choreography to show off at the end of class!

  • Drama:

    Expression, confidence, communication and fun are emphasized in drama. Students will learn about all aspects of the dramatic process including acting, screenwriting, costuming, set construction, and improv in this theatrical class.Students will utilize these and many other skills in a fun and unique production!

  • Hip Hop:

    The fun of hip hop is explored in this high-energy class. Choreographed routines, stage presence, coordination, and dance skills are emphasized while dancers are encouraged to be themselves in a fun, unique team environment. Each class culminates with a performance, allowing students to show off their moves and the fun activities they learn.

  • Karate:

    after-school-home-4Focusing on a powerful punch, kick and block techniques and following martial arts principals, the Karate class instills discipline, respect, self-defense, balance, and coordination in a structured environment. Students have the opportunity to progress and demonstrate their abilities with periodic belt-testing through-out the school year. Karate students may also be invited to attend area tournaments. (additional fees may apply)

  • LEGO® Robotics:

    A LEGO® Adventure is the focus of this theme-based curriculum. Providing interactive fun and hands-on learning, this class explores the latest LEGO® Education robotic technology. Using building guides from LEGO® Mindstorm NXT software, older children build complex robots and program them to stand alone, performing actions based upon the use of a multitude of sensors. Younger students utilize LEGO® Wedo software to create intermediate robots that plug into the computer,allowing them to perform various actions. Building and programming these vehicles, machines, animals, creatures, and more, helps children strengthen their creativity while building problem-solving, technology, engineering, and teamwork skills.

  • Science:

    In this course our Junior Scientists will learn all about the FUNdamentals of science. From Astronomy to Biology, Paleontology to Chemistry, students are introduced to our amazing world through experiments, radical reactions, science illusions and spectacular demonstrations.

  • Music Tech & Group Piano:

    In this class students not only learn basic music theory, but are introduced to piano keyboarding, various composers, and more. With a multi-media approach using a piano keyboard connected to a computer, this class covers everything from reading music and understanding musical terms to digitally writing and producing music. iKids Group Piano is a great way to develop your child’s interest in piano and music!

  • Photography:

    The iKids Photography class is a great way to introduce children to the basics of photography and photo-editing. Students will participate in lessons designed to teach them how to use and handle a camera, creating their own Macro, Documentary, Pop Art, and Landscape Photographs, as they are introduced to the photographers who made these styles famous! Using Adobe Photoshop, children will learn how to manipulate their photos by changing the tone, color, background, size, and patterns. Students will also utilize Windows Movie Maker and Microsoft PowerPoint to help display their unique and fun works of art.

  • Sewing:

    Our iKids Sewing class helps strengthen creativity, math skills and kinesthetic techniques. Students learn about different stitches and discuss several types of material and when to use what type. From hand sewing to machine stitching, students will learn how to use patterns, their imagination, and their thinking skills to create a variety of projects. Projects range from the use of pre-made patterns to creations designed by the students themselves!

  • Spanish:

    spanishBeginning with basics such as colors, numbers, and the Spanish alphabet and moving to more advanced conversational lessons such as clothing, weather, and calendar vocabulary, this Spanish class gives students the foundation to understand and speak Spanish. Students build cognitive skills with fun and exciting activities. Games, songs, crafts, and more are used to teach children the fun of learning another language!

  • Sports & Fitness:

    A sports sampler course, this class will keep students at the top of their game! Introducing a variety of sporting and fitness activities, students will experience the fundamentals of tennis, golf, Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, basketball, soccer, and more. This class will sharpen athletic skill, teach sportsmanship, promote teamwork, work on mobility and most importantly, have fun.

after-school-home-2Stay & Play:

Students have the opportunity to interact with friends in a fun and stimulating environment while taking part in instructor-led activities in this enrichment variety class! Various engaging activities in Stay & Play balance creative, recreational, and educational enrichment. Each day consists of new and exciting activities that foster fun, friendship, and hands-on learning. Arts-n-crafts, LEGO® building, brain games, music, scavenger hunts, science activities, and more all make Stay & Play our most unique enrichment option!

One on One:

Individualized instruction at its best! One on One activities include academic tutoring and private music lessons, sucha as guitar, piano, and voice. Tutored students receive personalized instruction to help increase and expand their knowledge in a variety of subject matters. Music lessons focus on increasing the student’s knowledge in music theory, terminology, and repertoire, while refining their specific instrumental or vocal skills.

DSC_0011Early Dismissal Program

iKids U students have the opportunity to stay after-school and participate in our optional Early Dismissal “Play” Days! These are special programs only available to iKids U students at an additional fee. Our ED Play-Days are theme-based with fun activities and special visitors, such as the Houston Zoo Mobile, Natural Science Museum Docents, Magicians, and more!

Drop-In Days

iKids U offers a drop-in day service to be used on occasion for iKids U students only at an additional fee. Drop-in students participate in Stay & Play for the day.

iKids U typically operates from school dismissal until 6 PM with part-time and full-time options available up to five days per week!
To find out more about iKids U, please email info@ikidsinc.com.