We wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing year! My son has absolutely loved iKids and the NHE team does such a wonderful job. We appreciate you guys providing such a fantastic environment and after-school option. Thank you for being so great to our son – means the world to us! Looking forward to another fun year!

- Stephanie, Parent

“Thanks for always being here to support our program-you all obviously care for the children and you select strong and capable staff!”

- School Administrator

“Our twin 9-year-olds have been in ikids at Gullett this past fall. Ikids has been terrific. They are consistently engaged and really love the activities with the other kids. We were interested in ikids because of their commitment to academics and interesting projects. Almost every day, our kids come home with homework finished, and their grades are up. At other after care programs, kids were given the option to do homework, so our kids almost never chose to do it and it was almost never done. At Ikids, they have staff help kids through homework and it has been really helpful. We will definitely keep our kids at ikids for the remainder of their elementary experience. The staff is experienced and committed, and the program works really well with our schedules.”

- Troy, Parent

“My girls absolutely loved iKids! I only got positive feedback from them. One specific thing they liked is that they had a choice in activities. My girls have different interests so they appreciated having a choice and being able to participate in different things. They also both loved our Program Coordinator as do I!! Thanks for taking such good care of my babies!”

- Gina, Parent

“My family loves iKids! My two sons transferred from another after-school program and they were sad to leave their friends. Within a short time, my kids said that they love iKids much more. A few key things I listen and look for: They love ALL the teachers (who are not only good with the kids, but with the parents, too)! They are making new friends at their very own elementary school. They get lots of outside time (very important for boys!). They get the opportunity to attend enrichment classes without parents driving them around Houston. They can attend school clubs and after-school events and then just go to iKids. It was a true testament when my kids turned down a birthday party for an iKids early dismissal-day event. It is also telling when I pick up my kids early, and they don’t want to leave! My family is very grateful to have a high-quality, after-school program that is convenient, safe and a fun place for my kids to spend their afternoons.”

- Heather, Parent

”I just wanted to tell you how great iKids is at West University. My daughter is so happy there. In previous years she has not been very happy at aftercare, but this year is different. She is excited about the classes she is taking or just staying for Stay and Play. For my husband and I, it is great relief to have her be able to stay at school until we can pick her up rather than taking a bus somewhere to a program where which she is not keen on. By having the program at West U, we have saved a lot of time driving. Further, I am really impressed with all of your safety and security protocols. You are always careful to know where all the kids are at all times and I feel she is quite safe and secure. Thank you so much for making life easier this year.”

- Lydia, Parent

“My children really enjoyed the whole semester. I’m very satisfied with the iKids program because of their credibility and deep caring for kids. That’s why I recommend iKids to other parents for an after-school program.”

- Minyoung, Parent

“I want to thank you again for everything, patience, care, follow-up, etc. We are happy with all the enrichment activities. The program is very rich, diverse and awesome! Thank you very much for designing it!”

- Elena, Parent

“Your program is really great and is providing my child with a very nice, balanced after-school experience!”

- Elizabeth, Parent

“My son can’t wait to come to iKids; it’s his favorite part of the day!”

- Dr. Boylan, Parent
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