Summer Camp

iKids Camp

Nationally Recognized Program

Exclusive Curriculum

Small Camp Size

Excellent Staff to Camper Ratio

Themed Adventures

Creative, Educational and Fun!


iKids Camp is a technology adventure of theme-based curriculum that provides interactive fun and hands-on learning! Every fun-filled camp theme has a technology focus plus creative activities, academic enrichment, recreation time and more!

iKids Camp (Ages 3 – 7)

  • LEGO® Tech Luau

    Hula on over to LEGO® Island for an aquabot adventure! Have fun with LEGO® robotics building sea animals, water vehicles, and more! Take a sunset stroll on the boardwalk and build machines like Ferris wheels and other exciting rides! Enjoy this island adventure of making sand castles, water activities, beach ball play, pretend surfboarding, and best of all, a LEGO® Luau!

  • Around the Weebot World

    Tour the world on an international expedition exploring LEGO® robotics! From soccer bots of Brazil to wild animal bots of South Africa! Have fun building castles in Europe, igloos in Alaska, and more! Enjoy sightseeing and taking pictures of your travels too! This LEGO® trip is complete with creative souvenirs, cultural experiences, geography activities, and a digital photo book to remember this exciting trek around the globe!

  • Weebot Wonderland

    It’s a grand adventure to the land of fairytale dreams and mystical creatures exploring LEGO® robotics! Create a digital storybook constructing robots as characters, such as dragons, giants, kings, queens, or whatever you can dream! Learn how to take digital pictures of the characters, add music, and narrate with your own voice. Have tons of fun on this quest with fabulous fairytale riddles, storybook adventures, and magnificent scavenger hunts!

  • PC Pet Shop

    Become a PC Vet to learn about the newest pet “Puter”! Learn basic computer and keyboarding skills with educational animal themed activities. Make new discoveries about dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, fish, and more with pet facts and important topics like relating pet care to computer care! Children have fun with technology-based activities, creative pet projects, dramatic vet and pet play, and much more!

  • LEGO® Tech USA

    Travel on an all American road trip through LEGO® USA and explore some of America’s favorite things, such as cars, sports and space! Have fun with LEGO® building from simple machines to basic robotics for each road stop and “tourist attraction”. Participate in map activities, technology discovery, creative play and more. Build your vehicle and let’s go!

  • Dinotunes Digital Discovery

    Journey to a dinosaur discovery site for music tech exploration! Combining traditional music with the latest technology, children are introduced to musical terms, notes, rhythm, beat, basic piano skills and more. Participate in dinosaur themed activities, such as an archeological dig for dinosaur bones to make rhythm and drum sticks! Experiment with music creation and different genres; enjoy instrumental crafts and musical scavenger hunts!

  • LEGO® Tech Time Machine

    Transport to another dimension on the LEGO® Tech Time Machine! Travel backwards and forwards through time exploring LEGO® robotics! From prehistoric days to medieval times to the Wild West, and then onward to a future space age! Enjoy this LEGO® journey building simple mechanisms and robotics to learn about each time period, such as animals, catapults, canons, wagons, rocket ships and more!

iKids Camp (Ages 4 – 8)

  • Fairytale Fine Arts

    Art, music, drama, and dance are the focus of this fairytale-themed camp! Students will enjoy singing, dancing, hands-on art, and the basic of acting. Expression, self-confidence, communication, and fun! Every day will be a new learning experience in the realm of fine arts.

  • Kid-Style Cooking

    It’s culinary school for kids! Young chefs learn basic cooking skills with fun food activities. Students will become familiar with culinary terms, kitchen utensils, reading recipes and more. Each day will be filled with creativity, science, and math-based concepts threaded through-out our exciting cooking adventures!

iKids Camp (Ages 7 – 12)


    • Digital Media Mystery

      Solve the mystery of digital media and have fun learning “behind the scenes” secrets of digital concepts in photography and movie creation! Put the clues together to discover animation, green screen technology, photo transformation and more! Children will utilize a variety of digital media applications, such as Photoshop and Movie Maker to create their very own multimedia mysteries!

    • Land of the Lost Bots

      Travel through time and space on a fascinating journey to a mysterious land filled with animal encounters and mythical beings! Experiment with LEGO® robotics using the latest technology building dinosaurs, creatures, humanoids, time machines and more. Have fun exploring scientific discoveries, teamwork, problem-solving and basic computer programming concepts.


  • Digital Media Magic

    Learn the tricks of digital media and have fun discovering wizardry concepts in photography and movie creation! Explore the magic of animation, green screen technology, photo transformation and more! Utilize a variety of digital media applications, such as Photoshop and Movie Maker to create your own Harry Potter multimedia project!

  • Zoo Bots

    Do you love animals? Can you imagine using LEGOs to making a peacock spread its feathers or making a frog jump? Come explore one of LEGO® Robotics’ most imaginative and creative curriculums building model NXT animals and programming them to life! Learn about habitats, different behaviors, and more! From playing possum to a bat’s use of sonar, creating a LEGO® Zoo makes learning fun!

  • Robotics Go GREEN!

    Go green with renewable robots! Explore alternative energy sources utilizing real-life models of LEGO® robotics. Build machines with solar panels, turbine blades, generators, LED lights, sensors, and more to learn about energy concepts. Have fun in an educational game environment with a series of “green” challenges, such as creating and powering up vehicles and a model city! Technology, engineering, design, and problem-solving skills!