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About iKids U to You

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is like no education at all.”  -Aristotle

iKids U to You is your all-in-one at-home learning program with a foundation in building character. Families everywhere can experience the iKids difference from the convenience of home or on the go. Are you organizing multiple activities or subscriptions? Overwhelmed with pinning, prepping, and guiding lessons? iKids U supports you with an educational and fun all-in-one at-home solution.

Partnering with Parents to support the growth and development of conscious, caring, and confident children!

How It Works

Join iKids U® to You

This exciting program pairs fun virtual learning videos with a variety of activities and supplies delivered straight to you. iKids U to You offers it all from STEM to STEAM and every specialty in-between. Children join the iKids U Character Crew throughout various educational adventures as they learn more about themselves, build life skills, and boost self-confidence.

Receive A New Kit Every Month

Each iKids U® kit is thoughtfully curated, assembled, and sent to your door. Every enrichment activity has a foundational lesson encouraging a distinct character trait. Pet-Sitter Penny is Patient with her furry friends, Med Meera is Caring towards her patients, and Designer Dionne is Unique with her creations. Chef Charlie is Resourceful with his recipes, Builder Bo is Precise with his projects, and many more.

Start Learning!

The iKids U Character Crew makes learning fun by connecting hands-on experiences with an engaging virtual instructor guiding your child through interactive educational adventures. Offering a vast collection of characters and traits, along with an assortment of activities, iKids U to You supports busy parents with the growth and development of conscious, caring, and confident children.

Inside Each iKids U® Kit

4 Lessons

Illustrated character building worksheets that coordinate with 4 hands-on activities and instruction videos.

3 Activities with Supplies + 1 Bonus Activity

Three variety activities with supplies that complement the character lessons. The 4th lesson activity has minimal supplies that are conveniently procured or found at home.

Access to 4 Instruction Videos

Engaging and interactive virtual instruction that guides lessons and hands-on activities. Receive a monthly code for exclusive video access.

iKids U® Spirit or Character Collectible

Special item from the iKids U® Spirit Store or Character Crew Collection.

Positive Encouragement

Stickers that coordinate with each lesson and a fun positive progress poster contained in the annual 1st kit.

Social Stuff

Materials to promote sharing and socialization. Plus, every plan purchase gives backs and makes a difference for a child in need through the iKids Care organization.

Choose Your Plan and Become an iKid Today!

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$48 / Per Kit

Total $48 plus sales tax per month.
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$46 / Per Kit

Total $276 plus sales tax paid upfront.
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$44 / Per Kit

Total $528 plus sales tax paid upfront.
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Be an iKids U® Graduate!
iKids U® Certificate with annual commemorative item in every 12th kit!
Enjoy up to 4 years of learning with different kits and lessons!

Memberships renew on the 1st of the month after each term. Cancel renewal anytime before the term renews.

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Find more learning with our free online videos and printable character pages.

iKids U® Spirit Store

Send more fun with our iKids U® Spirit and Character Crew merchandise.

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