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10+ Homeschool Hacks From Experienced Educators Save You Time and Make Distance Education EASY and FUN!

Let’s face it, ever since this pandemic started, teaching your children from home hasn’t been an absolute walk in the park. As parents, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to juggle it all, so homeschool hacks are a helpful welcome into our repertoire. After helping kids for over a decade in our multiple iKids Centers, here are 10 methods from experienced parents that will help you save time, money, an effort as you teach your children at home.

1. Integrate the use of toys and common household items into schoolwork. Use what your child already enjoys and make it work for you, like doing LEGO addition or play dough letters.

2. Leave a rich assortment of learning activities, books, and interactive or educational items around the house to nurture your child’s curiosity.

3. Use games to teach difficult subjects. Whenever you can make learning fun and take some of the pressure off of your children, you will increase the chances that they will learn what you’re trying to teach them.

4. When you’re shopping, gather supplies for different sorts of crafts and activities that enrich your child and foster their curiosity. At iKids, we have many activities for you to choose from under different fields such as STEM, art, cooking, and crafts.

5. Assign chores that only your children are responsible for. This will help train your child to bring structure and organization into their life, thus helping them focus on their own learning for longer periods of time. As their self-accountability grows, your child will need less of your time
facilitating their education.

6. Set timers for learning and give them a small break after the time runs out. Children, just like adults, need some time to re-energize their focus. A simple technique would be to set a 25 minute timer with a 5 minute break and then repeat.

7. Reward your child for staying on task and staying focused. Don’t bribe them saying “if you accomplish X, I will give you Y.” Instead, once you see your child focused and on task, reward your child without expectation to reinforce their habits. Furthermore, introduce compliments into the equation. Complimenting your child saying things along the lines of “I love how focused you are, you’re such a good student” will persuade your child to live up to your compliments.

8. Make sure to use a good laptop or printer, and lock any programs or websites that would cause a distraction. If you’re using google chrome, use the extension “Block Site” to block certain websites for a period of time. You can always reward your child later with an online game if they stayed on task all day. Bonus points if the game is educational!

9. Learn to relax as a parent. It’s important to try and not get too anxious about lessons or the future of our children. This pandemic will blow over and it’s important for your child to see you as a pillar. Our mood is contagious and we can end up making ourselves and our kids sick with
worry if we’re too wound up.

10. Help your lessons be as interactive as possible for your child. Children learn best with their own two hands. Teaching STEM through science experiments, math through cooking together, and art with fun crafts using household items is an excellent way to help your child get ahead of the rest of their class and come back to school with a renewed sense of confidence.

Many of these tips will be helpful to you this year as you go down your journey of partnering with teachers in the education of your child. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no ONE right way to do things. One of the blessings of homeschool is that we’re able to be flexible and do things in whatever ways work best for our unique family. With that being said, we’ve created the perfect toolkit for parents using our experience as educators to help your child along their educational journey. We’ve paired hands on activities with educational videos that are delivered right to your doorstep. This will save you both time and money so that you’re able to help enrich your child and help them grow into more confident and capable individuals.